After participating in numerous educational seminars throughout the Country, an Alabama lawyer and a California doctor were at an event on the flight deck of the USS Midway in San Diego Harbor in March of 2012, and asked one another why these events did not include an opportunity for people of faith to gather and spend time with one another. Within the hour, a group of ten or more had gathered on the hangar deck and agreed there was a need for an organization within the risk management, claims and insurance industry to bring together God’s people. Intended to include people of all faiths who believe in God and his instructions for treating others with respect, compassion and love, the Faith Based Claims Association was formed. In August of 2012, the initial prayer breakfast was conducted during the annual Workers’ Compensation Institute Conference in Orlando, Florida, with fifteen attendees. Supported by the WCI and Jim Mcconnaughhay, the FBCA continued to gain momentum. The second prayer breakfast was conducted at the WCI event in August 2013, with Coach Bobby Bowden as speaker and fifty (50) attendees. FBCA members presented a Biblically based ethics session as part of the education program.

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