The FBCA has worked in conjunction with a number of continuing education groups in the claims and legal field to present Biblically based ethics presentations at several seminars. These groups include the Workers’ Compensation Institute and the National Workers’ Compensation Review. The FBCA is working to create a library of educational presentations based upon Biblical and Faith Based principles. We intend to offer these presentations to educational seminars, companies, trade organizations, and other groups, together with speakers if requested. The FBCA is working to promote the use of Biblical principles in the handling of claims. We seek to demonstrate how these principles, when properly applied, promote the best interests of the claimant and the carrier/payer, without detriment or disadvantage to either.


The FBCA has worked together with Give Kids The World to promote and carry out service projects during the WCI Conference. FBCA is also working with GKTW on a Fundraising Gala to be conducted in conjunction with the WCI.

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