We seek to bring together God’s people in the claims and insurance industry to further the active and open demonstration of faith in God through incorporation of His principles of faith in the business community. We seek to minister to the emotional and spiritual needs of those involved in the handling of insurance and injury claims by providing resources and a network of spiritual support. We recognize that God has established a standard of conduct for His people, calling them to share his love, compassion, justice and mercy in their personal and business affairs. We seek to know God and to make Him known.


The FBCA is intended as a means by which God’s people may identify themselves as such to others. God’s people often find it difficult to stand and be counted as believers in the workplace. The FBCA seeks to connect the disconnected people of God so that we may encourage, educate and support one another in living out His principles of love, compassion, mercy, honesty, justice, and respect. The FBCA encourages God’s people to openly demonstrate their faith in Him, rather than remaining silent and cutoff. We believe there is an appropriate, graceful and tactful way to live and share our faith in the workplace. God’s people are most effective at sharing their faith in Him through their actions.

The Faith Based Claims Association was created so that people of faith may gather at legal seminars and claims conferences to establish relationships with other people of faith and share with and support one another. FBCA is intended to bring together people of faith in the claims community. FBCA is open to all people of faith who want to identify and build relationships with other people of faith in order to explore ways to incorporate their faith into their work activities. We look to promote a conversation on Biblical and other spiritual principles which God has provided, as a sound, ethical basis for conducting our business affairs, including claims handling. The FBCA will serve as a forum to discuss how we may all better serve our God through the manner in which we individually carry out our roles within the risk management, claims, litigation and insurance system. The FBCA recognizes that God’s people must be connected and works to help them recognize and find one another.

FBCA sponsors and conducts gatherings such as prayer breakfasts at seminars and conferences. FBCA has developed a website and is exploring social networking outlets as a means to facilitate communication between members. We provide a means to create relationships between people of faith throughout the country, in order to share ideas and support one another in living out our faith in the workplace. We look to form partnerships with educational seminars and organizations, with insurance companies, businesses, civic organizations and other interested individuals. The support of our partners is essential to our success in fulfilling our mission to gather together God’s people in the risk management, claims and insurance industry and minister to their emotional and spiritual needs.

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